Full Festival Music Line-up announced!

10:45 Anna Aarons  super smooth & soulful local singer-songwriter

11:20 The AutustiX a rock band of musicians with Autism & other disabilities creating their own unique sound

11:55 John Etheridge  South End Green’s very own guitar legend! (expect a few special guests)

12:30 Brunk prepare to be astonished by possibly the world’s first punk/ska brass band – brilliant stuff!

12:55 Black River Wild a stormy melting pot of foot-stomping folk rock, plaintive ballads & captivating acoustica

13:30 B-Better Kentish Town-based hip-hop dance sensations, who’ve appeared everywhere from the Olympics to Britain’s Got Talent

14:05 Mirage Men 100% authentic ancient Egyptian surf music: get ready to shake it like a Sphinx and move it like a Mummy

14:40 Gospel Oak Choir phenomenal summer choral sounds from our favourite neighbourhood that isn’t South End Green 😉

15:00 Fleet Hearts the smash hits of South End Green Festival 2014 – Fleet Primary School’s parents rock!

15:40 I am Harlequin electro-beats and killer tunes from fast-rising London-based music artist and fashion designer Anne Freier

16:15 Panic Island  closing the festival, North London rock sensations, Panic Island, fresh from sell out shows promoting their debut “Cabin Fever” EP


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